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PERIODONTICS per·i·o·don·tics –

>noun, the branch of dentistry concerned with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

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Welcome to Anthem Periodontics
and Dental Implants

Health of your teeth, gums and oral cavity is our number one goal. We provide a thorough examination in order to ensure our peace of mind with your window to your whole body of health, the mouth.

PERIODONTISTS per·i·o-art·tists

>noun, 2 Cool Guys From Las Vegas That In Keeping Your Mouth Healthy, Are Keeping Your Whole Body Healthy. see also, dynamic duo.

Dr. “D”
Dr. Ro
Icon of Dr De Andrade and Dr Ro Periodontists in Las Vegas


Led by our doctors, our teams both in Henderson and Summerlin have one goal in mind. Caring for our patients.

Dr. Ed De Andrade
Dr. Ed De AndradeBoard Certified Periodontist
Dr. “D” as he is known around the office is a cutting edge perio for his field. Always on top of the latest technology that he knows has been proven and will help his patients better than yesterdays ways. His continuing education, intelligence, bedside manor and jovial way has won his way into all of our patients and after fifteen years has proven a doctor who knows.
Our Dynamic Duo
Our Dynamic DuoLas Vegas Periodontists
Dr. De Andrade and Dr. Ro take turns each day caring for our patients either at our Henderson office or our Summerlin office. The work well together and have been known to be quite the comedic and fun Docs!
Dr. Ro
Dr. RoBoard Certified Periodontist
Dr. Ro’s calm patient and understanding way has quickly won his patients over in the short time he has been in Las Vegas. Originally from Japan, he has spent many years practicing and studying here in the United States. His amazing work ethic, will to help every patient in the best possible way and undeniable broad based knowledge in what he does shows his passion for caring, the right way, for his patients.


With two offices in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin, we are in to care for your oral health at the most convenient for you.

Las Vegas Summerlin Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Location


Henderson Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Location



Understanding and being able to communicate with our patients their needs of true oral health is our specialty. A periodontist is responsible for seeing beyond the teeth to the entire structure around the tooth. Then we are responsible for making sure you understand what is occurring within and how we are going to keep your mouth healthy.