All on 4 are More Convenient than Dentures

all on 4 implants are conveneint

Let’s face it: we all dread dental appointments. However, everyone has to undergo major or minor dental procedures at some point. Thankfully, modern dentistry is progressing to provide treatments that reduce ‘dental phobia’ and increase the patient’s convenience.

One of the many reasons why people visit a dental practitioner is tooth loss. Previously, patients only had extremely limited options for replacing lost teeth, dentures being the most common choice. However, teeth replacement options have increased nowadays to include dental implants, bridges, and All on 4 implant supported dentures.

Make no mistake about it, dentures still are a highly effective teeth replacement option. In fact, modern dentures have significantly improved the years. Now you can get custom dentures created for each patient. Not only that, but porcelain dentures greatly resemble the appearance of your teeth. These dentures rest directly on the gums, which not only offer better support, but you can also remove them for cleaning, or when you are sleeping.

But this also means that these dentures don’t offer the same stability as dentures that are joined to dental implants. So if you are looking for better convenience and stability, you should opt for All on 4 implant supported dentures for replacing missing teeth.

In this procedure, the periodontist will place 4 dental implants (small titanium posts) to support the dentures. Not only will the dentures be fixed in their places, but implants also protect bone loss in the mouth area. This ensures that you can perform functions like talking, smiling, and chewing without any difficulty. This will also maintain the shape of your jaw line.

Most importantly, with the stability and durability of All on 4 dentures, patients feel more confident with the appearance and function of their replaced teeth.

For more information on tooth replacement options, visit Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants in Las Vegas. Dr. DeAndrade will determine whether the All on 4 is right for you.


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