5 Dental Implant Questions You Should Ask

Picture of a dental implants placed into the jaw bone
This x-ray show a dental implant we placed in our Las Vegas Office
So it is inevitable that you have to replace a tooth. You already know that the best way to replace it is with a dental implant instead of the old way of using a bridge. The reason being is that with a dental implant you are not going to destroy existing teeth like a bridge is forced to do in order to create the support it needs. As opposed to a bridge that relies on your surrounding teeth for only temporary support, dental implants are a self supported permanent solution to replacing a tooth. Now it is the decision to find a professional to place the implants. You see the billboards around Las Vegas that promise ultra low costs, but you are not sure how they can be so much cheaper than any one else. What materials are they using and what type of experience do they have are a couple of the questions that should come to mind. If you get dental implants you should invest in one of the best waterpik for flossing.

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants is happy you have decided to take this important step for your oral health and we want you to know some of the questions you may not know to ask. Dental Implants are good but if they are not done right, using the proper materials, by an educated and experienced dental professional, they can become quite the expensive detriment. We know this all too well as we are one of Las Vegas premiere dental implant specialists. This means many dentist send patients to us when the patient has come to them to be fixed by others errors. So, in order to avoid this, we would like to try and stop it all together and give you some questions to ask of the person you are trying to decide on to place your dental implants:

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This is a picture of the front page of documents that outline the guidelines for producing the surgical titanium used for dental implants
This is the ASTM Specification for Unalloyed Titanium For Surgical Implant Applications. It Is Important That The Material Used For Your Implant Matches or Exceeds This Specification. Ask About It Before Allowing A Lesser Material To Be Introduced.

A Patient Of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Reflects On Finding A Real Dental Pro In Las Vegas.