5 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Dentures

Many people who lose one or more of their teeth consider dentures. While dentures are widely used (and effective in many cases), there are several reasons why you should look for other tooth replacement options. Here are 5 top reasons why you should dump your dentures:

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#5 Dentures are High Maintenance

Let’s face it: a dental appointment excites no one. But with dentures, you need special maintenance procedures on a regular basis. Even when you are not at the dentist, you need to clean your dentures by washing them and soaking them overnight.

#4 Dentures Don’t Look Natural

Nowadays dentures come with improved quality than before, but they are still not the most natural-looking teeth replacement option on the market. In other words, while they do replace your missing teeth, people can easily recognize your dentures.

#3 Dentures May Slip Unexpectedly

Following from the previous point, dentures are noticeable because they fall off unexpectedly when you are taking to someone, or even smiling. This can be embarrassing. Also note that your dentures can even make a clicking sound when your teeth come in contact with each other, especially when you are talking or eating.

#2 Dentures Can Cause Further Damage

If the dentures are not fitted properly, you may experience infection on the surrounding teeth. Also, people who wear dentures, even when they are cared for perfectly,  will experience some bone loss in their jawbone.  This is unavoidable & you will need your dentures to be replaced and adjusted to account for this bone loss.

#1 They Cost Significantly in the Long Run

One of the reasons why dentures are so popular is because their relatively low upfront cost. However, people don’t calculate the long-term expenses of wearing dentures. They require regular maintenance. Also,  you may need more dentures or even other dental procedures if your jaw bone gets damaged or the adjoining teeth are decayed.

We have often stated that dentures are useful in some cases, such as in patients with weak gums and jaws. However, considering the facts listed in this article, it is better to dump your dentures in favor of a durable and more effective teeth replacement option, such as All-On-4. If you reside in Las Vegas, visit Dr DeAndrade at the Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants to discover the best dental implants available.

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