5 Signs That You Need a Periodontal Exam

When we are young, we are taught the importance of brushing our teeth after every meal. However, it is observed that people start neglecting oral hygiene as they grow up. What people often ignore is the link between oral hygiene and their overall well-being. Not to mention, good oral hygiene has various social benefits.

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So how do you know that you need a periodontal treatment? Here are major signs to watch out for:

#5 Inflammation

One of the earliest signs of gum disease is inflamed gums (along with swelling). This is caused by the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is the sticky substance that you feel on your teeth in the morning. When you don’t brush your teeth and keep them clean, plaque gets accumulated under the gum line, causing inflammation.

#4 Sensitivity

In the initial stages of tooth decay, you start to experience pain on the surface of your teeth. However, when decay makes its way inwards, your teeth and gums get sensitive to hot and cold. This may be caused by a cavity.

#3 Discoloration

Discoloration (both on the teeth and other parts of the face) should alert you that a dentist visit is in order. Teeth can get discolor due to fracture, or to due to habits like smoking.

#2 Pain

Never ignore toothaches. Momentary measures, like massaging your gums or taking a pain killer, might help, but if the pain persists, you should definitely come see us. Also note that dental problems can also cause severe headaches.

#1 Damaged or Broken Teeth

Cracked and broken teeth most often have to be treated by professionals. Common restoration procedures include dental crowns and dental implants. In the worst case scenario, damaged teeth may have to extracted and replaced. Ouch!

Considering the money, effort, and the discomfort involved in dental treatments, it is advised that you take good care of your teeth. And when the need arises, you should only consult doctors who specialize in gum disease treatment and cosmetic procedures.

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