5 Steps to a Better Smile


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Want to achieve an amazing smile? Here are 5 proven ways you can do so:

#5 Avoid Smoking

Smoking and chewing tobacco greatly increase the risk of gum disease. In fact, smokers are 4 times more likely to experience oral problems than non-smokers. Smoking also causes discoloration of your teeth, and even bad breath. So the sooner you quit smoking and even smokeless tobacco, the better your smile will be.

#4 Avoid Sweets

Everyone loves some sugar, but it is not good for your smile. Sugary items like hard candy stick to crevices of your teeth, and if you don’t practice good oral hygiene (see point #3), bacteria will grow in your mouth. Consequently, acids will be released inside your mouth that will cause cavities.

Replace sweets with fruits and vegetables. Your teeth will remain clean, and your gums will stay strong because of the nutrients.

#3 Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Your smile depends on your oral habits. Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day. And don’t just brush for the sake of it. Clean your teeth thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Also use dental floss to remove food particles from between your teeth. In addition, you should also rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash to kill bacteria. Remember that if you don’t keep your mouth clean, you are inviting bacteria, plaque, and tartar to ruin your teeth, and your smile as well.

#2 Stay in Touch With your Dental Practitioner

A simple check-up once or twice a year can help you stay ahead of any oral problems. Also remember that if plaque (the sticky, yellowy substance) has hardened on your teeth, you may require professional cleaning to whiten them again.

#1 Go for Tooth Replacement if Necessary

Crooked, stained, or missing teeth can keep people from smiling. In this case, there are various dental and cosmetic procedures you can go to replace your teeth or enhance their appearance to improve your smile. You should have your teeth examined by an experienced periodontist, such as Dr. DeAndrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, Las Vegas.  Schedule an appointment today.