5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Periodontal Treatment

Failing periodontal health is a growing issue. The problem is far spread mainly because people are not familiar with the signs that put them in risk of the disease.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are chiefly responsible for affecting the gums. Gingivitis is the early reversible condition while periodontitis is the advanced stage which leads to tooth loss.

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While reaching out for professional help is the best way, here are 6 easy ways that can assist your periodontal treatment:


Sure we’ve been brushing ever since we were toddlers, but it’s important to know the correct method of brushing. Always use a soft bristled brush and concentrate on 4 teeth at a time. Invest 30 seconds to each set with short strokes on an angulation of 45degrees. This is the best way to brush your teeth and gums at the same time!


It is true that we’re mostly in such a haste that we barely brush our teeth the way they should be, let alone take extra measures to improve our oral health. Therefore, the use of mouthwash alongside brushing cannot be stressed upon enough. Not only does mouthwash keep the bacteria at bay improving the life of your gums and your teeth, it can even make u feel confident with longer lasting fresh breath.

3.      FLOSSING

The use of dental floss post-meals can avoid from all that food from settling between your teeth. Not only does it keep you from the vexation of a piece of meat playing peek-a-boo between your teeth, but it also helps avoid plaque and caries from developing.


Tobacco smoking/chewing, betel nut/betel quid chewing, and alcohol etc. may be tempting, but they can ruin your oral health to alarming levels. These potential carcinogen containing substances can derange your oral immunity and provide extra physical damage to the teeth and gums.


Do your best at home and leave the rest to your periodontist. A bi-annual visit for your professional oral cleaning is absolutely compulsory for the well-being of your periodontal health. So don’t skip those perio appointments!

You can breathe a sigh of relief once you are in the hands of Dr. DeAndrade. However, these tips will not only speed up the treatment and help your oral health get back in shape, these habits will also benefit you in the long run! Visit Anthem Periodontics for more information and consultancy on your oral health.