Are You Ready For All-On-4?


is all on 4 right for you?
All On 4 Is Your Solution!

Are you suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of several missing teeth?

You may have thought traditional dentures or multiple dental implants were your only hope of getting your smile back but that is no longer the case. With the All-On-4 prosthesis, you have the option of having a full set of replacement teeth implanted in just one visit!


Unlike traditional implants that require one titanium post per tooth, the All-On-Four uses 4 posts for one full arch. Even if you’ve been told you weren’t a candidate for dental implants because of insufficient bone mass for the procedure, you may still be a candidate for the All-On-Four prosthetic since it requires shorter angled posts that do not need to be as deeply embedded. You have the option of replacing both arches or just the top or bottom.  The new teeth can be fabricated from a variety of materials including acrylic and fine porcelain so you are able to wear the smile you’ve always wanted.


All-On-Four gives you the freedom that you could only previously enjoy from your natural teeth. You will be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods, not worry about your teeth slipping out of place and still have the ability to feel hot and cold. They are the next best thing to having the teeth you were born with!


After your initial investment, All-On-Four can actually save you money over the cost of dentures. They will never require relining and you do not need to purchase costly adhesive and cleaning products. As with natural teeth, they only require daily brushing and flossing and regular dental check ups.


If you are ready for a permanent solution for your tooth loss, ask the expert. Dr. DeAndrade has over 18 years experience and has performed hundred of All-On_Four procedures. Don’t trust your smile to anything less!