Are There Food Restrictions After Pinhole Surgery?

You probably know that the pinhole surgical technique is a much less invasive method of treating gum recession than traditional gum grafting. Because of this, you will have fewer restrictions during your recovery period than you would with other oral surgeries. After all, the pinhole technique only requires your periodontist to create a small pinhole in your gums which he then uses to gently adjust your gums and cover the receding area.

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While restrictions and aftercare instructions for pinhole surgery are minimal, there are still some. It is important to follow all aftercare guidelines your periodontist gives you as this will ensure you heal as quickly as possible without any complications. The good news is that the pinhole surgery has much fewer food restrictions following it than gum grafting does. There is no need to stick to a soft diet without seasoned or spicy foods.

Basic Food Restrictions

A good rule of thumb to follow right after the pinhole surgery is to not eat anything that makes your mouth uncomfortable or causes pain. That being said, you should be able to eat most items by the night after your procedure.

Although you can eat whatever you want, your periodontist will probably suggest that you stick to items that you can easily cut with a fork. Stringier or tough items may put too much strain on your teeth and gums, which might be uncomfortable. It is also a good idea to avoid things like chips and nuts that can hurt your gums the first night.

Lifting The Restrictions

While the restrictions for eating following pinhole surgery for gum recession aren’t set in stone, it is still a good idea to wait until your periodontist says it is okay to eat stringy or sharp items. In most cases, you will get the all clear at your follow up appointment about a week after your surgery. Before then, you may be able to eat these items carefully, but consider asking your periodontist the day of your procedure.

Other General Advice

To make life easier and reduce the already small risk of discomfort, you may find it helpful to chew food on areas that were not worked on. If, for example, the pinhole surgery was performed on the right side of your mouth, try doing most of your chewing on the left side.


There are options when it comes time to treat gum recession.  We have an infographic that breaks down the differences between the three options!

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