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Bridge Replacement With Dental Implants

Enhancing the smile with connective tissue grafting known as cosmetic dental work:

This patient is a 29 year old male that was referred to our office after countless attempts to fix the problem with his smile. Due to his past failures with other dental practices, he felt that no one really understood what his concern was. He also did not know that cosmetic dentistry was an alternative to be able to fix his issue. He presented to Anthem Periodontics and dental implants and after careful discussion of his concerns and his dislikes about his smile we proceeded with a plan to improve it. This involved removing one of his teeth and performing soft tissue grafts. The problem was the close proximity of his two front teeth which left very little room for the gum to grow in between them. When he smiled there was a discrepancy from the right side to the left side and since our right side is a mirror image of the left side this created an unaesthetic area for him. After the surgical procedures by Dr Ed DeAndrade and the meticulous work of his general dentist, he is now smiling ear to ear. He tells us at his follow up visits how much he enjoys people telling him what a great smile he has. We at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants are thrilled with the results and congratulate him in taking the cosmetic steps necessary to achieve his ultimate goal of a great smile.


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