5 Brushing Habits To Avoid

Picture of a woman showing her set of teeth preparing to properly brush
With The Proper Oral Care Habits, You Can Avoid Periodontal Disease.
Life is busy and we’re all looking for ways to cut corners and find a little extra spare time. Unfortunately, cutting corners when it comes to brushing technique and oral health is a “no-go.” Most of us won’t admit to slacking a bit on our gum and tooth care, and of course, if Dr. De Andrade were to ask, most likely all of us would claim to be brushing twice and flossing daily. However, we all have our moments of lapse or even our incorrect habits we have picked up through the years. Just remember proper brushing is the easiest way for you to take control or your oral health, prevent gum recession and keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Here are the top five culprits of poor brushing techniques.

1. The Quick Brush –

Overslept, woke up late, tired and want to go to bed, etc…whatever the reason, your pearly whites need at least two minutes of quality brushing (quality – this means using proper brush technique – if you need a little “brush-up” on what this is, ask Dr. Andrade) or they’ll start looking a bit pearly grey with receding gums. Consider keeping a timer on your bathroom sink to make sure your mouth gets every second it deserves.

2. The Hard Bristles –

A hard bristle brush might make you feel like you are getting your teeth cleaner but unless you are planning on scrubbing floors, select a toothbrush with soft bristles, or even ultra-soft. Hard bristles, in particular in for those already with gum or enamel issues, can cause gum recession or further enamel wear.

3. The Power Brusher –

The power brusher is the, well intentioned, but somewhat misguided brusher who decides to muscle the plaque out of their mouth. Don’t take your anger out on your teeth. Like the hard bristle user, you need to be gentle on your teeth and especially on your gums. There is no need to create gum recession on your own; light and circular strokes will do the trick.

4. Watch What You Are Doing –

This might seem like it goes without saying, but randomly shoving your toothbrush around your mouth isn’t likely to go very far in terms of plaque removal and overall oral health. Make sure to hit every single pearly white tooth, back and front and especially the molars in back. Try admiring your gorgeous smile in a mirror while you brush to help make sure you’re hitting every nook and cranny.

5. Flossing and Rinsing –

This is the “icing on the cake” so to speak when it comes to oral health. No matter how well you brush, your toothbrush can never replace daily flossing. Only floss can get in between each tooth and up close and snugly with your gum line removing all that harmful bacteria from your mouth.

The Bonus Tips

Those are some of the biggest but now, a couple of bonus tidbits to healthy oral care. Choose your toothpaste wisely; anything that contains an abrasive can damage your first defense from damage, the enamel. You don’t want to sabotage your diligent brushing work with poor quality toothpaste. Tidbit number 2: Remember to brush using little circular strokes on each and every side of each and every tooth Back and forth is okay but only on the chewing surface! And then, of course, make sure to show of that beautiful smile of yours! Laughing is nature’s number one stress reliever, so enjoy!