Can My Kids Get Periodontal Disease?

Are you among the majority of people who think that periodontal disease is exclusively for adults? If you said yes, then you might be surprised to hear that kids can occasionally get gum disease also. The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has concluded that periodontal diseases can occur in kids and teens (albeit less frequently than in adults). Children are at a higher risk of being exposed to gingivitis which is an initial stage of periodontitis.

kids and periodontal disease

Warning signs of periodontal diseases in kids include swelling of gums, redness, bleeding especially while brushing, and consistent bad breath. We will explore the types and some of the major factors involved in the development of juvenile periodontal diseases.

Types of Juvenile Periodontal Diseases:


Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease that have symptoms like swelling, redness, and bleeding. This disease is curable by regular cleaning and periodic dental care. However, if left untreated, it can lead to juvenile periodontitis.

Aggressive Periodontitis:

Aggressive periodontitis isn’t very common in children and youngsters; however, it can affect healthy adolescents.  Children with braces need to especially be aware – It’s easy to get lazy with brushing and flossing because it’s such a pain with those brackets on.  We get it!  But it’s only a couple of years, and isn’t it worth it, if it means you can keep your teeth and gums healthy?!

Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis:

It usually begins around puberty and causes swelling in the gums and accumulation of plaque and calculus, which left untreated could ultimately lead to loosening of your teeth.

Factors Involved in the Development of Juvenile Periodontal Diseases:

Hormonal Changes:

Teenagers go through hormonal changes as they reach puberty. Hormones, especially progesterone, elevate blood circulation in the gums which result in tissue sensitivity and making it even more susceptible to bacteria causing periodontal diseases.

Genetic Factors:

Children of parents with periodontal diseases are at a higher risk of developing gum diseases. If one or both parents have or had any periodontal disease, they must ensure proper dental treatment for their kids.

Improper Hygiene:

Poorly maintained dental hygiene is very common among children; therefore, they are exposed to bacteria which create plaque in the teeth. Periodontal diseases can be prevented by properly teaching dental care during the early years of life.

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