I Can’t Eat With My Dentures

las vegas eating with dentures

All-on-4 permanent replacement dental implants will provide you with new teeth that look and function like natural healthy teeth. Whether a patient has ongoing issues with multiple missing teeth, or they have opted to remedy that situation with either full or partial dentures, they will continue to experience diminished nutrition and loss of enjoyment in eating overall. Food choices are complex decisions influenced by society, environment, availability, flavor and personal preferences. The All-on-4 dental implants will make eating easier, will improve the taste and enjoyment from meals, and widen the variety of food choices in general.

The pain, discomfort, and or difficulty eating that follows tooth loss, and denture wear influence the choices in food that people make. Good nutrition is found by eating a wide variety of food. Anytime the variety of food choices available is limited or reduced, nutritional benefit is also reduced. People often shy away from items that are physically hard or difficult to chew, preferring to substitute them with softer easier items. This has a definite impact on their nutritional balance and intake. Because the All-on-4 dental implants feel and act like your own teeth did when they were healthy, meals are more enjoyable. When restrictions on what can be eaten are eliminated, and a variety of foods are “back on the table”, the nutritional value of those meals is increased.

Finally, when considering that we often don’t know why we choose to eat what we do, it is important not to add to the list of items we don’t like, won’t eat or can’t eat. Suffering with tooth loss, or wearing dentures have both been shown to reduce the flavor of food, alter the taste and make eating simply less enjoyable. We all know that good nutrition equals a balanced diet. The All-on-4 permanent dental replacement procedure will help patients to enjoy a wider variety of food and to balance their diet. Poor nutrition often causes related health issues as we age. The All-on-4 system won’t stop the aging process. But, it will help with eating a balanced diet.



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