Common Causes Of Tooth Loss – Single Dental Implant

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Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

At our practice, we perform single dental implants for a whole host of reasons. When a tooth is missing it does not just affect the appearance of your smile, but also the structure of the underlying bone.


  • Tooth Decay: When teeth are not taken care of properly, it gives the bacteria that are already in your mouth the opportunity to take over and cause infection. When this happens on your teeth, tooth decay occurs. Tooth decay begins in the hard outer layer known as enamel, but if left untreated with will spread until it reaches the center of the tooth and cause irreversible damage. To keep tooth decay at bay, make sure you brush and floss daily and avoid a diet high in sugary foods and drinks as well as refined carbohydrates.
  • Gum Disease: As with tooth decay, gum disease strikes when bacteria is allowed to reproduce and attack. When this happens to periodontal tissue it will begin as gingivitis and progress to periodontitis. This infection causes not only loss of gum tissue but of the vital bone in your jaw that anchors your teeth in place.
  • Tooth Impaction: When teeth do not emerge through the gums properly, an impaction occurs. If it is not causing any problems there is not need to remove it, but sometimes it can cause an abscess that makes it necessary to extract the impacted tooth.
  • Root Resorption: One of the reasons it is important to have regular dental x-rays is to allow us to spot root resorption. Root resorption is most often a result of orthodontic care and happens when part of the root is reabsorbed into the body. Minor root resorption is not an issue but if 50% or more of the root has disappeared, the stability of the tooth is compromised and extraction is necessary.
  • Trauma: Trauma is simply having your tooth knocked out. Whether from playing a contact sport or having an accident, sometimes it is possible to put the tooth back in place if it is not damaged and you seek treatment immediately.


Single dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth regardless of the reason they were lost. Our board-certified periodontists are implant specialists and will not only treat the underlying cause of the tooth loss but create a replacement that looks and works just like your real tooth did. Don’t hide your smile any longer; come see Dr. DeAndrade for a single dental implant today!