Common Problems With Dentures

Dentures help address the pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by tooth loss. But, they are not without drawbacks. Even the highest quality, best fitting set of removable dentures will never be as comfortable or function as well, as a set of healthy, natural teeth. Because teeth are strongly rooted in the jawbone. Chewing with real teeth, actually helps to keep the jawbone healthy and generates the creation of new bone, preventing the loss of bone density, and in turn provides the power needed to eat the widest variety of food. Removable dentures are not anchored in the jaw, do not provide the same chewing power needed to eat many foods, and do not prevent the loss of bone density.

las vegas problems with dentures

Adhesives are needed to attach the dentures to the roof of the mouth. These adhesives can be annoying and messy. The best fitting dentures can slip, and become uncomfortable. Particles can get stuck in them, and because they rest on the soft tissue, they are a constant irritation to the gums. Since removable dentures don’t provide the same support to the lips and cheeks as real healthy teeth, the facial appearance of denture wearers changes, becoming sunken, as if caving in the center of the face. With the loss of bone density in the jaw, the lower portions of the face around the mouth and even the upper neck will wrinkle and sag.

Dentures are meant to be removed, and need to be removed daily to brush inside the mouth, and the clean the dentures themselves. Even with the utmost care when handling them, even with strictest discipline to avoid the foods that damage dentures, accidents still happen. Our faithful family dog got hold of my grandmother’s dentures, and quickly rendered them useless. True story. But why had she taken them out in the first place and rested them on the table beside her? Because they were uncomfortable, and she was giving her mouth a break. Well, she was then again without teeth while she made different appointments to have a new cast made, and then wait to have the new set of dentures fitted.

Dentures are certainly better than not having any teeth. Unfortunately, even with new technologies, the improvements to dentures have not eliminated the common problems that have long been associated with them.  For alternatives to dentures, please schedule a consultation with Dr. DeAndrade.


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