Continuing Education Event: Dental Implants

Picture of Dental Professionals sitting around a table in a private room at Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria in Las Vegas, NV
The guests of the Southern Nevada ITI Study Club enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Piñeyro. The event was hosted by Dr. De Andrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants

Southern Nevada ITI Study Club For Dental Professionals

Ed De Andrade, director of the Southern Nevada ITI Study Club, hosted a dinner meeting at Jean Georges steakhouse at Aria Resort In Las Vegas, NV. The speaker was Dr. Alfonso Piñeyro a prosthodontist from University of Washington. Attendees enjoyed the presentation titled “dentistry’s little dirty secret” about the damages of excess cement in cement retained implant restorations.

The Presentation Relating To Implant Dentistry

The following is a summary of Dr. Piñeyro’s presentation:

    Restoratively Driven Implant Failure: Alfonso Piñeyro DDS/ Prosthodontist
    Restorative Dentists are inadvertently initiating failures and complications every day. As a profession we have been cementing crowns to teeth for over one hundred years and we have seen little or no negative consequence. The most common form of implant restoration incorporates the use of dental cement or luting agent. The practice of cementing crowns to implant abutments was initiated close to 20 years ago and has become a standard practice. A large number of failures and complications have been associated with residual excess cement that is located subgingivally on the crown, abutment and implant fixtures.

    Teeth and implants have different connective tissue biology with teeth having a much superior attachment complex when associated with implants. When this is considered, the potential for complications associated with excess cement around implants is easier to appreciate. Implants restorations also have different shapes and contours when compared with restorations on teeth. This may facilitate the trapping of cement because the removal is compromised by poor access for instrumentation.

Dr. Piñeyro discussed and presented numerous clinical and research publications that he has authored associated with this topic. Most restorative cements are not visible on an X-ray, some corrode titanium and others have biological compromises. Dr. Piñeyro offered some solutions and techniques that he has developed and published in peer-reviewed journals. Using his recommendations, restorative dentists will avoid potential complications, failures and are better prepared to restore all types of implant restorations.

Dr. Piñeyro of Piñeyro Prosthodontics In Seattle, WA
Dr. Piñeyro of Piñeyro Prosthodontics In Seattle, WA

Dr. Piñeyro

Dr. Piñeyro has lectured both nationally and internationally on topics relating to clinical prosthodontics and dental implants. The doctor is a practicing prosthodontist in Seattle, WA. Should you have any questions for Dr. Piñeyro please find out more about him and his practice at Dr. De Andrade would like to extend his appreciation of Dr. Piñeyro for sharing his expertise with the Southern Nevada ITI Study Club and coming into Las Vegas for this very successful continuing education event.