Overcoming Dental Fear

Dental Fears
You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Treatment


Fear is a natural reaction to unknown environments and circumstances, meant to keep us away from danger and safe from harm. The problem arises when fear itself actually becomes the trauma it was supposed to prevent. A child that experienced sudden pain or discomfort during a visit to the oral healthcare specialist may develop such visceral aversion to the point of even refusing to sit in the dental chair. If left unchecked, this fear may even persist well into adulthood, causing gradual deterioration of dental health that will lead to even more anxiety at the very thought of a dentist. How, then, is this situation resolved?


Since dental fear stems from a real or perceived loss of control, the most natural way of removing persistent fear is to put you back in the position of control. This is a gradual process, which requires building of trust and cannot be rushed. When you visit our office, we’ll schedule an appointment whereby I will give you a check-up, show you the tools I use and walk you through the procedures. By becoming more informed, you will see that there is no danger to your well-being whatsoever. When you create a habit of visiting Anthem regularly, you’ll become acclimated to it, your fear and anxiety will subside and you will eventually realize to what extent your fears were unfounded.


Once you understand the causes, symptoms and treatments for your dental troubles, you will know exactly what happens next, at every step. This will remove all uncertainty, put your mind at ease and show you that there is truly nothing to worry about. Your fear of dentists will disappear, the once dreaded dentist’s chair will become a place of relaxation and the paralyzing anxiety you once felt will be replaced with an enormous sense of relief. Looking back at how you once feared the very idea of an appointment at the dentist’s office, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling as you marvel at your perfect smile in the mirror.