Dental Implant Question 1: What materials are my implants made of?

a picture of a dental implant set in a plastic jaw line to show an example of what we do.  Dr Ed DeAndrades name and Anthem Periodontics tag is place on the base of the statue
The material used for dental implants at our office meets or exceeds any industry standards. We trace the material all the way back to where it is mined to ensure only the best is provided to our patients.
When you ask this question, the answer will let you know how many different elements are forged together to produce the implants that will be placed into your upper or lower jaw bone. You will have the assurance and confidence that all of the non-alloy titanium used in this office is of the highest strength and the most bio-compatible of all unalloyed grades.

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants of Las Vegas, we adhere to the ASTM International (American Society of Testing and Materials) standards for titanium medical appliance specifications. Our manufacturer requires every one of their titanium suppliers to provide certification proof that the metal being bought meets their stringent specification levels for raw materials. In its raw, unalloyed state, titanium is as strong as steel. Titanium that has been alloyed with iron will have two very important properties necessary for comfort and durability in dental implants; corrosion resistance and extremely high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium dental implants will not negatively react to hot and cold liquids and foods. Cheaper materials can react as conductors for extreme temperature discomfort conducted through the metal into your gum and bone areas.

When you elect to have dental implants, you are making a decision for better health. Titanium implants provide the permanence in appearance and the functionality of natural teeth. Implants keep the surrounding teeth in place which prevents any shifting and potential future alignment problems. Implants that are permanently attached to the jaw bone feel as comfortable as natural teeth and they will stimulate new bone growth to strengthen the area around the implant.

There are four grade levels of titanium composition and we will only accept the highest Grade 4 level for our implants. The precise list of elements is titanium, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, iron and oxygen. At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, we demand the same excellent level of performance from our applications as we do from our dental personnel. When you have made the effort to use the best dental implant service available in the Las Vegas area, you expect to have the best implants available and to have them placed accurately the first time. There are very rare cases where someone’s physical being will not accept a titanium implant and then an alternative process must be developed.