Dental Implant Question #2: What Material Will My Crown Be Made Of?

Cartoon drawing of a dental implant crown with the anthem periodontics and dental implant logo with the text question #2, The crown material.
It is important to ask the question: What is my crown going to be made of? This will tell you if your dentist is planning on giving you a permanent solution that matches your teeth.
Only when using the absolute best materials are you making your implant a true permanent fixture in your mouth that can last forever.

There are several different materials used for dental crowns. The simplest material used is a plain metal crown. Metal is a strong option, but it will not be aesthetically pleasing. The metal crown will be visible whenever you speak or smile. Saving a few dollars on the crown material will not satisfy someone when their purpose is to replace a missing tooth with a natural looking substitute. Another crown material is resin. This is the least expensive material to use for a crown; while it may look good, resin wears down far more quickly than other materials and the crowns will need to be replaced quite often. Using lower grade materials will actually end up costing you more money over time. Less expensive materials do not result in top quality products and they will not last as long as top of the line materials. The prime crown material is ceramic.

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants of Las Vegas, we exclusively recommend the highest grade of dental ceramic known to the industry. We use state-of-the-art digital imaging technology to create an electronic format of the new tooth which is then provided back to your dentist for your crown creation. We recommend them to one of the most highly respected crown manufacturers in the industry who uses the digital images to create a crown that exceeds industry standards and will possess the highest tensile strength available. This manufacturer has a higher than 99% acceptance rate for all of their crown productions. They also are a leader in crown manufacturing technology and techniques making the crowns they produce an industry best. The superiority of their crown work is recognized by all of our Las Vegas dental peers.

When asking this question you find the answer that will explain why we recommend using the type of crown material that will perform and look the best after being placed in your mouth. If you are going to invest in the cost of a dental implant, invest wisely and use the best materials. The outcome of an implant can be permanent and by using the best manufacturer and the highest grade materials you ensure that longevity.

This post is part of a 6 part blog series from Dr. De Andrade on asking the right questions about dental implants for not only patients but also referring dentists. For dentists, it is important they are sending their patients to some one they can trust to properly place the implant but also use the best possible implants for their patients. To read more about our questions and why they are important click here.

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