How Dental Implants Can Play an Important Role in Good Oral Health

Over the past decade more people are opting for dental implants than at any time in history. While this concept is actually as old as man himself, it has only been in recent years that true full tooth replacement technology has become very successful.

Among the many early attempts to create dental implants seen by anthropologists have been the use of stones cut to fit and embedded in the jawbone, new teeth made from the bones or teeth of animals, and replacements made from ivory. No matter which method was used, the goal of the person, and later the dentist involved, was to provide the person with one or more “permanent” replacement teeth.

Drs DeAndrade and Allen place dental implants
Dental Implants

Modern Dental Implants Have Much to Offer

Today’s periodontist can provide his patients with dental implants which have the same look and feel as the missing or broken teeth they are replacing. Using the latest surgical techniques, pins are embedded in the jawbone. These will be used to provide a permanent connection point to which the dental implants will be attached. Once completed, the only person who needs to know about their implants is the person who has them.

Unlike a bridge which requires existing teeth to connect to, implants only require the post which has been implanted in the patient’s jawbone. Not only does this make for a much stronger replacement, but because they sit down in the gums, implants offer a more natural appearance. Unlike a bridge which can cause significant discomfort when eating certain foods, those patients who choose implants find they can eat anything without issue as there is no risk of irritated gums.

Improve Speech Capabilities

Patients who opt for dentures often find they have difficulty with speech as their dentures tend to work loose during the day. Those who have bridges supported by their own teeth, often experience the same problem as a bridge can move if the support wires start to lose their hold. The net result is a distinct inability to properly enunciate speech, making it had for others to understand the person speaking.

Dental implants are fused to the jawbone through the use of stainless steel pins. This ensures a solid, permanent installation which ensures clear speech. ¬†Dental Implants look and function just as if they were the patient’s own teeth, helping to instill a sense of self-confidence, allowing them to enjoy smiling, eating and interacting with their world.

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