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April Dental News For Las Vegas

It seems in the last week there have been some startling news items that have come out concerning our great dental industry. While some of it has shaken the dental profession, others have shed a new light on how you look at our typical minty world! Let’s look at the more serious ones first.

Poor Conditions In Dental Office In Oklahoma

Picture from a dental office showing tools and sanitary items used in visiting with patients

The dental office in this article was found to have rusty tools and very unsanitary office conditions. Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants prides itself in keeping conditions better than OSHA and The Nevada State Board Of Dental Examiners Requires.

This expose on an Oklohoma Dental Clinic shows that a patient should be careful in choosing their dental care provider. Health officials found links to the office possibly spreading bloodborne pathogens and upon inspecting the office found many unsafe practices. We would like to make sure that everyone of our patients and future patients that watched this on the Today Show is aware of our extreme concern for the health and safety of our patients and employees at both our Las Vegas and Henderson offices. Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants takes all necessary steps to stay above the regulations set forth by both OSHA and The Nevada State Board Of Dental Examiners. We follow stringent infection control procedures which are shown to significantly reduce any risk to our patients to the point of a statistically mute possibility. All of our employees are trained in proper clean up and decontamination procedures of themselves, our equipment, all surfaces, lights, chairs, drawer handles and counter tops before a patient is allowed to walk into our treatment rooms. All non disposable dental instruments are cleaned and sterilized between each patient. All disposable items are removed from our office utilizing specialized containers and monitored disposal. Our practice has been successful for over ten years here in the Las Vegas Valley due to our core principles of looking out for our patients and our employees. We continue to work hard each day in order keep our good name with each and every one of our patients.

Dr. Oz Recommendation Sensationalized

ADA Issues An Alert Sign For March 28th 2013

American Dental Association Issued An Alert Pertaining To Recent Scare On Dr Oz Show Concerning Amalgam. The Study Used Was Not Real Life Conditions. Click The Picture For The ADA’s Statement On Dental Amalgam.

The ADA has issued an alert to dental professionals concerning a feature shown on the Dr. Oz show on amalgam. They have made statements based on what the ADA calls junk science which questions the safety of amalgam. The silver colored fillings, also called dental amalgam, are safe, durable and affordable for patients. Major health and scientific bodies around the world agree that based on extensive scientific evidence, amalgam is safe and effective for dental patients. This is product has been used for generations. While everyone knows that the best filling for any one is the filling that never has to be done so just make sure to brush floss and eat a healthy diet to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

During the Dr. Oz Show they used a synthetic mouth with the amalgam fillings and found that the fillings released an extreme amount of harmful vapor into the mouth and equated that to your mouth and its daily activity. The unfortunate part of this experiment was that the mouth was not replicating real world experience by having a dry and closed environment. In reality you and I would have saliva in our mouth which is shown to greatly reduce the release of vapors. The other environmental condition of a completely closed mouth when you brush your teeth is not accurate, while typical brushing standards force an open mouth. Credible scientific studies show that the amount of vapors that are released during brushing with amalgam found in the mouth is so small that it is in the billionths of a single ounce. The ADA goes on to state that a noted researcher calculated that it would take nearly 300 amalgam fillings in real life conditions applied to the most sensitive person to exhibit any symptons. Luckily, our 32 teeth are a bit healthier than that impossible scenario!

Dental Fun and Humor Break!

Insert from Scopes website marketing their bacon flavored mouthwash

Bacon!! Click The Picture To Check Out More Information On Bacon Mouthwash.

Did all of you extreme bacon lovers see the latest product to help you take care of your teeth!! Rinse with this product and the gift of bacon flavor keeps on giving, all day long!(or at least until it wears out!) If any of our patients has the passion for bacon and really tries this out please let us know how it tastes! While we thought they were kidding at first, this is for real. As far as we are concerned at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, anything that keeps people using products good for you and brings attention to keeping a healthy mouth is great!

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