Dentures can be loose, make them permanent.

Full Mouth Dental Restoration
The Steps To Full Mouth Dental Restoration, These dental implants are a permanent denture replacement

We had to give the above article full reference. After we read it, we really started thinking about the choice so many baby boomers have to deal with today. The choice on whether or not to go with dentures or permanent implants.

So many different factors have to be weighed out and we discuss those during our initial oral exam and here on our website. Usually the most important factor, unfortunately comes back to the almighty dollar. It is sad that we have to deal with so many issues that plague dentures simply due to our inability to afford the permanent alternative in dental implants. Let us talk about a few ways we at Anthem have come up with that help address this issue.


We have found multiple financing options that offer zero percent financing to our patients. The process can be as simple as filling out a form and payments can be lengthened for you to be able to fit them into your individual budget.

Great Pricing

Our pricing reflects back to our procedure and our great ability to perform. Our system is on that not only is pleasing to our patients, but also one that we have perfected over our many years of experience. A more streamline system allows for better pricing. What we are saying here is that we have become so good at our job here anthem that our process costs us less money than our competition, and that allows us to pass that savings on to you. So while others have to offers sales or special deals to lower their price our everyday price is comparable or lower.


We accept a long list of insurance companies and work hard to find out exactly how much they will cover for your periodontics procedure. Before you walk out of our office we present you with a breakdown of the costs involved for your individual situation. We also conduct all necessary business for you with the insurance company in order to ensure a stress free transaction for our patients.

No matter what you decision ends up just know that you are not alone, thousands of people everyday have to make this decision. The most important part is education, just knowing you have choices, what they are and the positive & negatives of each. The second factor is choosing the right doctor with the experience, education and ability to properly perform the procedure. Then the last thing you should think about is the financial side of the procedure and working with a doctor who can take great care of not only your teeth but your budget.