Dentures vs All-On-4

Sometimes we don’t realize how important something is until it’s gone. For too many, our teeth, fall into that category. When you need to replace lost teeth, you find out pretty quickly just how important they are. Your self confidence might take a hit when you are concerned about your appearance. Your ability to interact comfortably with others maybe diminished when smiling becomes embarrassing. When foods you once enjoyed are no longer an option, given the difficulty involved simply to eat them, then getting replacements will become a priority.

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The All-on-4 permanent replacement teeth technology is the best option when the time has come to fix the pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by tooth loss. Dentures are a viable option, but they will not function as well as your own teeth. They will never be as comfortable as you hoped they would be, and they won’t last. They are not a permanent solution. What you might not know, is that dentures also come with some unexpected drawbacks.

Like your own teeth the All-on-4 permanent replacements are anchored in your jawbone. In that way, the All-on-4 replacements will fit and function just like your teeth do. Dentures do not. And because they are not anchored in your jaw bone, your ability to chew is diminished. Even with the best made, best fitting dentures, there will be some foods that you still cannot eat.

Dentures need to be adhered to the roof of your mouth with an adhesive. These can be messy to use, and are subject to failing, allowing your dentures to slip, or fall out completely. Because dentures are made synthetically, they are more apt to stain or discolor. They need to be removed for cleaning daily, while you still brush your gums, tongue, and palate. And as we all know, the more you handle something the greater the chances for damage or loss.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what you may not know, is that the act of chewing while eating, helps to maintain a healthy jawbone. Because the All-on-4 permanent replacements are anchored and function like real teeth, they too help maintain a healthy jawbone. Dentures do not. Noticeable loss of bone mass and changes to your very appearance will come as a result of denture use rather than the All-on-4 permanent replacement teeth.

All things considered, the All-on-4 permanent replacement system is the lasting solution for the host of issues which arise from tooth loss, without creating a new set of problems.

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