Fractured Tooth Replacement Using A Dental Implant

Dental Implants offer patients an incredible way to replace missing and damaged teeth with a very high degree of success. Several treatment sequences are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. The case above demonstrates a staged approach to replace a fractured tooth.

before and after pictures and xrays of a fractured tooth replaced with a dental implant

Pictures from the successful sequence of replacing a fractured tooth with a dental implant
Steps to successfully replacing a fractured tooth with a dental implant
Flap elevation showed severe bone loss on the buccal due to a root fracture. Following the extraction, bone grafting was provided to establish a stable foundation. The damaged tooth is seen.

An immediate implant could have been placed along with bone grafting. Concerns were that doing both of these steps, in a site of chronic infection, would have increased the risk of complications. Furthermore, bone grafting has a range of success rates. Less than ideal generations could lead to thread exposure of the implant fixture, leading to a lifetime of maintenance concerns.

The last photographs are 3 months following the extraction and bone graft. These demonstrate the remarkable alveolar bone regeneration. The photograph on the right shows at least 2mm of bone around the implant fixture, which is ideal.