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Freedom Friday Appreciates Las Vegas Veterans

a groupd picture of representatives from practicing doctors who donate to freedom friday and the organzation who help find the Las Vegas veterans in need

Dr. Newton, center, founder of Freedom Friday. Either side of Dr. Newton are Dr. De Andrade, dental implant specialist and Dr David Chenin, Orthodontist are donating doctors to the Freedom Friday Charity.

“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

-Bob Hope

Last Friday, our own Dr. De Andrade met up with many other dental professionals and Las Vegas Veterans to celebrate founder Dr. Newton of Warm Springs Dental and his charity Freedom Friday. Freedom Friday is a non-profit organization formed to provide the local Las Vegas Veteran population dental care when they are unable to afford it. Dr. Newton has brought on over 15 dental professionals to help his cause of giving treatment to Veterans in need. Dr. De Andrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants is proud to be a part of such a giving organization. As of today, in the very short amount of time the charity has been operating, Anthem has already donated three dental implants to this great cause.

Dr. Newton and his charity are working hand in hand with two organizing charity groups, Angela Alegna of America Helping Heroes and Karen Lewis of The Las Vegas Urban League. These groups help to organize by screening the Las Vegas veteran population they know are in need of any type of dental health care and then refer them to Dr. Newton. Doctor Newton then sends the veterans to the doctors he knows are the best suited to their need. In Dr. De Andrade’s case he has been hand selected to place the patients dental implants, showing the respect for his ability to handle dental implants. “I am happy to help Las Vegas Veterans and am honored that Dr. Newton and the group of dental professionals have such great faith in my ability to place dental implants.” Dr. De Andrade said Friday.

Fox News was on hand to help celebrate the giving nature of Freedom Friday. News reporter Elizabeth Watts spent many hours at Dr. Newtons office talking with Veterans that have been positively influenced by the program and the doctors that have donated their time, practice and staff to make the program such as huge success. Look for her segment to air in the upcoming couple of weeks on Fox 5 Las Vegas News.

Dr. De Andrade and the staff at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants are happy to be a part of such a great organization and would like to thank Dr. Newton for all of his hard work in forming such a great cause; The Las Vegas Urban League for their relentless passion in helping the local veteran population here in Nevada; America Helping Heroes and their organization of in need veterans across the country and all of the doctors here in the Las Vegas area that are giving their resources to make this great cause happen.

A Veteran is preparing for an interview with fox 5 news in an office at Warms Springs Dental in Henderson NV

This Las Vegas Veteran was helped by Dr. Newton’s Charity, Freedom Friday and was able to tell his story to Fox 5 News.

A Fox Five News Las Vegas News SUV

Fox Five News of Las Vegas was on the scene at Warm Springs Dental In Henderson NV to celebrate the success of Dr. Newton’s Freedom Friday Charity. Look for their segment on the Las Vegas Charity’s work in the upcoming weeks.

Dr De Andrade is with representatives form The Las Vegas Urban League and America Helping Heroes

Dr. De Andrade, center, with Angela Alegna(Left) of America Helping Heroes and Karen Lewis(Right) of The Las Vegas Urban League.

Dr. De Andrade sitting in a chair talking with Elizabeth Watts of Fox 5 News on Camera.  The lighting and camera all in the picture showing live action.

Dr. De Andrade, of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, talks on camera with Elizabeth Watts of Fox 5 News about the dental implant work he has done with Freedom Friday.

a Picture of Dr. David Chenin talking on Camera with Elizabeth Watts of Fox 5 News Las Vegas

Dr David Chenin, an orthodontist in Henderson, discusses the great charity work he has done on Freedom Friday with Elizabeth Watts of Fox 5 News.

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