Dental Implants, Front Teeth

Aesthetically, there are few more important aspects of the face than that of the two front teeth. Your smile is the most judged cosmetic feature on your face and the first greeting of happiness you can give during any introduction. As the expert in dental implants here in Las Vegas, Dr. De Andrade has been relied upon by many patients to provide new teeth that are a part of their beautiful smiles. As you can see below with this patient, teeth 8 and 9 have been shattered by mechanical force and due to that damage, the patient has been told by multiple doctors they must be extracted and replaced. After investigating all of his options this patient relied on Dr. De Andrade to restore his once perfect smile. After the implants were placed, a partial connective tissue graft was placed on the gum line. Due to the malposition of his remaining teeth, it was not possible to gain 100 percent coverage of his recessed gum line.