Gum Disease and Menopause

When the body undergoes hormonal changes through the various life stages, they can have an affect on your oral health. Menopause is no exception. The bone loss and inflammation created from the decrease in estrogen production increases your risk of contracting gum disease.

las vegas gum disease
Anthem Periodontics can treat your gum disease

One of the ways this risk can be lessened is through hormone replacement therapy. By using prescriptions to replenish the missing estrogen, your bones are stronger and your mouth is less vulnerable to gum disease.

To ensure that your oral health is at its best during and after menopause, follow these tips:


  • Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day
  • Floss Once Everyday
  • Schedule Dental Exams Every Six Months
  • Use Hormone Replacement Therapy to Replenish Estrogen Levels
  • Discontinue Osteoporosis Medication If It Is Contributing to the Loss Of Alveolar Bone – after consulting your doctor
  • Make sure we are aware of any medications or supplements you are taking to treat the symptoms of menopause


Even if you are already experience symptoms of periodontal disease, Anthem Periodontics  have many options available to treat it no matter how advanced it is. Thanks to advancements made in the field of periodontics, many of them are minimally invasive and can be performed during a simple office visit.

Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean that your smile has to. By following these steps, we can help your teeth and gums to be their best no matter which stage of life you are in. Contact us to schedule a comprehensive oral exam today.