Using Gum Grafts for the Treatment of Receding Gums

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gum grafting

When your gums have receded to a point that causes Dr. DeAndrade to have serious concerns, he may recommend that you undergo a procedure known as connective tissue grafting (gum grafts). Through it, your natural gum line is able to be restored by taking tissue from the roof of your mouth and grafting it to the area that requires treatment.

Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to determine the underlying condition that is causing the gums to recede and treat that first. Causes include excessive tooth brushing, advanced periodontitis, trauma and gums that are naturally thinner than average. This is not only a cosmetic issue, but also  a medical one because the exposed roots are susceptible to hot and cold sensitivity as well as at a higher risk of bacterial infection.

The procedure begins with a trapdoor-like incision being made on the upper palate where subepithelial tissue is removed. This connective tissue is then sutured to the area around the tooth that has been exposed.

Since the surgery affects at least two different locations in your mouth, you will experience minor pain and discomfort at different wound sites. The feeling on the roof of your mouth has been described as being similar to the burn you get from eating a piece of very hot pizza. We recommend using over-the-counter pain relievers to help with this. To ensure proper healing, you should avoid brushing and flossing around the graft area for at least the first two weeks following surgery. You will be given a special periodontal rinse to use instead. It is also necessary to follow a diet of soft foods during this period. Some patients will still need an additional procedure known gingivoplasty to reshape the new tissue to follow the contours of your natural gum line.

Connective tissue grafting is a common and very effective treatment to counteract the effects of gum recession. The staff of Anthem Periodontics is highly experienced in this procedure and you can trust them to help you get the results you want. Call to schedule an appointment today.