Gummy Smile

When your teeth appear too small or your gums seem unnaturally long, we refer to this as a gummy smile. Although a purely cosmetic condition as far as your mouth is concerned, it can have a psychological impact on patients when they don’t have the confidence to freely smile in social and professional situations.


dr DeAndrade corrects gummy smile
Gummy smile can be corrected

The appearance of your smile is determined by these four factors:

  • The size, shape and appearance of your lips
  • How your facial muscles work
  • The size and shape of your teeth
  • The size and shape of your gum tissue


Any of these can be the reason for your gummy smile, and Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants have ways to work with all of them. Your best smile happens when as little of the gum is visible as possible, and the gum contours are in line with your upper lip. When your gums don’t follow these guidelines, you may feel your smile is unattractive and take steps to hide it.

Fortunately for patients with gummy smiles, there are periodontal options available to restore balance to the appearance of your gums in relation to your teeth.

 Gum Lift:  Using a laser, the excess gum tissue is cut away to reveal more of the natural tooth and shape the gumline.

 Crown Lengthening: Gum and bone tissue are surgically removed to expose more of the tooth’s crown.

Lip Repositioning: If your upper lip rises too high when you smile, we can remove a small amount of tissue that will allow your upper lip to remain over your gums when you smile.


Correcting a gummy smile is best done by board-certified periodontist. We are gum and oral tissue experts and have had additional training in this area above what is required for general dentists. Dr. DeAndrade and Dr. Allen would love to explain the treatment options available and help you decide which one is best for your situation. Call to schedule your consultation today.