Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives

At Anthem we concentrate mainly on adult oral health, our cosmetic dentistry is some of the best in Las Vegas, our dental implants and periodontics care have some of the highest peer ratings. Our staff is kind, caring and they continually participate in training and education in order to stay on top of the latest technologies and breakthroughs within the dental industry. We know the importance of oral care as there are times we will tell our patients all they need is a good tooth cleaning and they may be able to avoid any costly procedures and they always appreciate that honesty from us. But having said all of that we have recently learned of a program that the AAP(American Academy of Periodontology) along with the Ad Council has began that is meant to deal with education of our children.

This groundbreaking multimedia campaign is meant to teach our nations youth the importance of brushing their teeth for two minutes two times a day, at! It is a humorous look at the crazy things kids do and the activities they spend two minutes on during their day already and we had to share it with you! Here is a great example of the new videos they have launched:


We all know how important this is, help us stress it to our children!!