How Can I Prevent Further Gum Recession? Pinhole Procedure!

One of the casualties of a recent bout with periodontitis is your gum tissue. Evidence of this is found when your teeth appear longer than they used to me and there is less gum tissue visible. It not only changes the appearance of your smile but also leaves your roots vulnerable to attack from the bacteria that are found in the plaque that collects on the surface of your teeth.


pinhole technique las vegas
The pinhole technique can correct your receding gums

Gum tissue will not return on its own, even if the periodontitis has been successfully treated. The best way to prevent further gum recession and protect your teeth is to undergo treatment using the Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM.  This revolutionary technique is so easy that you can have it completed on your lunch hour and return to work.


The Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM can restore your gumline and prevent further gum recession using a unique dental instrument that is the size of a pinhead. This unique appliance lifts the gum tissue away from the teeth and pulls it down to its proper location. Next, we insert special collagen trips underneath to aid in the reattachment of the tissue and stimulate the healing process.


Never before has gum restoration been so easy! Now you can reverse the damaging effects of periodontal disease in only one visit to our office. The Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM is a great way to improve your smile without the hassle and long recovery time of traditional gum surgery.


The first step in restoring your natural gumline is to treat the periodontal disease that caused the problem. By scheduling a comprehensive oral health exam we can diagnose and treat your gum disease so that your smile is ready to undergo the Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. DeAndrade today.