How Do I Treat Receding Gums?

Gum recession occurs when your gums have pulled back and exposed a larger portion of your teeth than normal. In severe cases, the roots of the teeth will also become exposed, leading to a need for surgery. The traditional method is gum grafting, which is effective and has been used for years is gum grafting. The newer pinhole technique, however, shows how far dental surgical techniques have advanced and is growing in popularity.

Las Vegas gum recession treatment

How Gum Grafting Works

There are actually three types of gum grafting procedures depending on what tissue is used to replace the receding gums. During this procedure, your periodontist begins by removing the flap of skin to be grafted, either from the roof of the mouth or the tissue directly underneath the roof of the mouth. He will then attach the flap to the portion of the gum being treated. In some cases, he will instead partially cut away a flap of gum close to the area to be fixed then pull this graft over to cover the necessary area before sewing it in place.

How The Pinhole Technique Works

The pinhole technique is much less invasive as it doesn’t require incisions. Instead, your dental surgeon begins by creating a pinhole with a needle. He then uses this hole, along with special tools, to shift the gum tissue down, creating very little trauma.

Benefits Of Each

Most periodontists and patients alike prefer the pinhole technique as opposed to traditional gum grafting. The pinhole technique is much less invasive, which greatly reduces the healing time and mouth sensitivity. It also means there will be no cuts made, and only one surgical site. Keep in mind that not everyone will be a candidate for the pinhole technique. The pinhole technique is relatively new compared to traditional grafting, but it has been in use since 2006, making it a well-tested method. Both options provide permanent results, but most experts suggest the pinhole technique.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. DeAndrade at Anthem Periodontics to find out whether you are a candidate for the pinhole technique. Most patients will be able to opt for this minimally invasive procedure to treat their gum recession as opposed to traditional gum grafting.

Download our Infographic that details the differences in the treatment options for gum recession!
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