How Sugar Affects Your Oral Health

Why You Should Take A Hard Stance Against Soft Drinks

Here’s a beverage reality check for you—in 2013 manufacturers of soft drinks spent $866 million dollars in advertising across all types of media. That figure is four times higher than the budgets for advertising 100% juices and waters. You shouldn’t be surprised than that sugar-laden soft drinks have replaced plain milk as the drink of choice for kids in the United States. These sugary drinks are not just sodas. The list includes juice boxes/pouches, energy drinks, sports beverages, sweet teas, punches and so-called “vitamin” waters. Even chocolate milk adds an additional 8-12 grams of sugar to regular white milk.


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Sugary drinks affect your oral health

Are you alarmed yet? Well you should be. These drinks are not only unhealthy; they also damage your teeth by causing tooth decay. When sugar enters your mouth, it combines with the bacteria that are already there to create acids that attack your teeth. This attack lasts about 20 minutes and starts over with every sip you take. As a result, the enamel of the tooth begins eroding away and leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay.


Other health issues attributed to sugary drinks include obesity and diabetes. Your best hope is to avoid them completely, but if that isn’t an option follow these tips to minimize their damaging effects on your pearly whites:


  • Use a straw to minimize their contact with your teeth
  • Limit your consumption of sugary beverages to 12 ounces a day
  • Never consume before going to bed
  • Drink water, especially fluoridated tap water, after consumption
  • Choose water or milk as your beverage of choice at meal time
  • Don’t brush your teeth until an hour after consuming since your enamel is temporarily weakened


Healthy drink choices lead to healthy mouths. To learn more about steps you can take to protect the integrity of your teeth and gums, schedule a checkup with Anthem Periodontics and Implants today.