I’m On Blood Thinners; Can I Still Get A Dental Implant?

As the rates of cardiovascular disease rise in the United States, we are treating more patients on blood thinners than ever before. These prescription medications can either be anticoagulants that slow down the chemical reactions that cause your blood to clot or they can be antiplatelet drugs that prevent platelets from clumping. Common blood thinners include Warfarin, Plavix, Heparin, Coumadin and even over-the-counter aspiring.

las vegas periodontics and blood thinners

Since blood thinners can increase the amount of bleeding that occurs during a dental procedure, we will always find out any medications that your are taking before beginning work in your mouth.

Blood thinners do not exclude you from being a candidate for dental implants and it is not even necessary to quit taking them prior to us beginning the implant process. During surgery we take precautions such as:

  • Using hemostatic agents to stabilize clotting
  • Working with your doctor to come up with a safe level to reduce your dosage to
  • Carefully close the wound with stitches to prevent bleeding
  • Put tension on the edges of the wound to prevent excessive capillary bleeding


Even if you are only taking aspirin, it is still very important to let us know as well as tell us any other medical conditions that you are being treated for. It is also helpful to bring contact information for your primary care provider or specialist so that we can coordinate your care with them.

Don’t let blood thinners prevent you from restoring your smile with dental implants. Schedule a consultation with one of the board-certified periodontists at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants to learn more.