Importance of Oral Health With Channel 13, The Morning Blend!

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Gingivitis Affects 1 In 2 People In Las Vegas

This morning on Las Vegas’ own Channel 13, The Morning Blend Local Morning News Cast, there was a great segment about the importance of oral health care. They hosted Dr. Travis Stork of the hit medical television show “The Doctors.” He shared the important and scary statistics that 1 in 2 adults has gingivitis or periodontal disease! What a scary thought to know that you or the person standing next to you has such a high chance of having gum inflammation. The connection of gum disease to your overall health is something that Dr. Ed DeAndrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants has spoken about for many years and if you have any of the symptoms of gingivitis, red gums, bleeding gums when you brush or eat. Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants has many ways to assist in treating gum disease and would be happy to meet for an initial consultation to discuss a treatment plan. Remember that gingivitis is reversible but you have to take the first steps in order to have it treated. Treating it now is the best way for your bodies health before future deterioration occurs and becomes irreversible.

Click Here To Watch The Entire Segment, Please Enjoy Learning More About Your Oral Health And It’s Overall Importance To Your Bodies Health!

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