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Its The End Of The World Eat Chocolate Says Dental Pro!

Platter with complimentary chocolate provided by Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants To Celebrate The End Of The World

That Is Right, It Is The Last Day Of Civilization, Why Should You Not Eat Chocolate? We Don’t Need To Worry About Our Teeth If We Are Not Going To Be Here Tomorrow! Please Enjoy Free Chocolate Here Today Only!

Yes, that is right you have read the title of this post correctly, we at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants are leading the way as the first dental practice to encourage its patients to eat all the chocolate they would like. Why Eat Chocolate You Ask?? Well, We are not going to be here tomorrow anyway!! So why would we need to worry about our teeth today? So today at Anthem Periodontics Henderson Office we are offering free chocolates to our patients to celebrate the end of the world. Just think, one day in which you do not have to grab that roll of floss, no need to waste any more toothepaste, we are free, free to do what ever we need and do not need to worry about our oral health! Enjoy! Remeber though, if we are here tomorrow make sure you brush your teeth, we are certain you will need to! 😉

(This is an obvious bad attempt at humor based around the ending of the official Mayan calender, please do not stop your excellent oral health care practices of brushing and flossing daily. Also try your best to stay away from what is a typical love of chocolate , its not good for your teeth!)

A cartoon depicting two mayans discussing why the calender ends today

The Best Theory Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Could Find On The End Of The World

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