Knowing Kids Can Have Gum Issues Too!

Dr Allen a Las Vegas Periodontist Working With a Young Child at Anthem Periodontics and Dentla Implants Las Vegas Office
This Young Child Having Fun With Dr. Allen.

Ok parents, before we start this talk, we know. We know because we live this life just the same as you do. We know you already have “stuff” to worry about, “things” to take care of, with your mornings packed of breakfast to make, school work to finish, TVs to get turned off, IPads to get put down, lunch to pack, etc etc etc, the list goes on and on. So we ask of you, something that could be just a quick question, a quick inquiry into your kiddos life, not only do you ask, did you brush, but then you toss in an occasional follow up question. Did they feel ok, did they bleed, do you notice anything different? All simple questions that could be occasionally asked to ensure everything is ok in their mouth, around their teeth and with their gums. Gums you ask, yep their little pink gums! Believe or not childrens periodontal disease exists, and it can be a large problem if allowed to go unnoticed but can be a simple one if treated early on.

Signs and Symptoms of Children’s Periodontal Disease?

Children’s periodontal disease is typically not even recognized, nor is it something of concern but it is just as important as any other disease to treat. Parents if your kids complain or you see any of these signs: red bleeding gums, swollen gums, bad breath, loose teeth, gum infection, bone loss around teeth and/or receding gums around teeth, it is imperative that you seek out a gum specialist, a periodontist, yes that is us! These are all signs and symptoms of gum disease which is an infection in your mouth. This infection can lead to bone loss around teeth and if left untreated can cause the teeth to become so loose they fall out. Gum disease has a genetic component, so parents, if you or grandma had gum disease and lost some teeth due to bone loss chances are your kids may suffer from the same problem.

The key for success against periodontal disease(or commonly known as gum disease) is to treat it early! Treatment is best when coming from a gum specialist, once again that specialist is known as a periodontist. Both of our periodontists, Dr. Allen and Dr. DeAndrade, specialize in treating gum disease and there is nothing more we want, than to help keep your kids mouth’s healthy.