LANAP Laser Gum Treatment With Dr. Edwards

Portrait of Dr. Michael Edwards
Dr. Michael Edwards, Periodontist, Indianapolis, IN.
Dr. De Andrade spends much of his spare time with study groups, continuing education classes and other activities that further his abilities to help his patients. This education time helps to make him one of the best periodontists not only in Las Vegas but across the United States. He sees value in reaching out to other periodontists across the country to learn what procedures are working best for them in order to help us serve our patients even better here in Las Vegas. From those experiences he asked some of the top periodontists to come onto his blog to further educate his patients in some of the techniques that are working well for them. Please, join us and welcome Dr. Michael Edwards, a leading periodontist from Indianapolis, IN.

From Dr. De Andrade-

“Dr. Michael Edwards, a colleague, friend and fellow study partner with one of the leading periodontology study groups in the nation is using the top laser technologies available in our medical field today. Here Dr. Edwards discusses this technique, how it is used and why it is so successful. Look to Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants in Las Vegas to also use laser technology for removal of periodontal and gum disease.”

LANAP- Laser Periodontal Procedures

the seven steps of successful laser treatment for gum disease as illustrated and provided by Dr. Micheal Edwards of Periodontics and Dental Implant of Indiana
The proper steps for Laser Treatment for periodontal disease as provided by Dr Michael Edwards of Indiana.
A new development in periodontal disease treatment is the use of non-invasive laser to assist in the regeneration of gum tissue. The laser takes advantage of the body’s own ability to naturally “heal itself,” my practice, Implant Dentistry and Periodontics in Indiana, utilizes the PerioLase™ for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP™). As a board-certified periodontist with two offices located in both Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana, I use the laser to sterilize the pockets in a non-invasive way through the emission of light. The LANAP technique is latest in tested laser technologies that have been proven successful in eliminating periodontal and gum disease.
The first step is to go around the tooth to kill the bacteria and relax the tissue so I can get to the very bottom of those open gum pockets. This has proven to be a very non-invasive step compared to the old way of treating the affected areas from periodontal disease. Once the tissue is relaxed and the fibers are detached from the tooth I am then able to debride the tooth and get all those little pieces of tartar and calculus off of the tooth. That is then cleansing that area for new fiber attachment to occur. My next step is to then stimulate the bone and go back with the laser to harness all of the new bone stimulated cells and harness all of the regenerative activity that is going on through forming a fibrin clot. That fibrin clot is the early part of the fiber reattachment to the tooth and that is how I am able to achieve regeneration with the laser technology used in my practice.

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