My Dentist Told Me I Have Bone Loss! – Now What?

The thought of losing any part of your body can seem scary, especially something as important as your bones. If your dentist diagnoses you with bone loss, it is not a condition that should be ignored. You need to see us right away!

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Bone loss can be a result of advanced periodontitis, a dangerous form of gum disease that can cause problems throughout your entire body when the infection enters your bloodstream. Both of these conditions need the attention of a board-certified periodontist to correct.

Periodontitis can cause bone loss in two different ways. As the bacterial infection spreads deeper into your gums, it can actually attack the roots of your teeth and your jawbone and cause your teeth to become loose or even fall out. When you lose teeth, the underlying alveolar bone in the jaw begins to dissolve when there is no longer force being applied to it. When this happens, it can change the external appearance of your whole jaw line.


Although a diagnosis of bone loss can be devastating, there is still hope. At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, we offer several procedures to restore your missing teeth and jawbone:


Even if your general dentist doesn’t refer you to our Henderson or Summerlin location, you can still make an appointment for a comprehensive oral health evaluation with us directly. We are experts in correcting bone loss and its underlying conditions and we can help you to have a healthy and beautiful smile again. Protecting your smile from gum disease will also protect the rest of your body. Schedule your appointment today.