New Year’s Resolutions For Your Teeth!

Make your las vegas new years resolutions for your teeth!

As dentists, we always encourage our clients to follow healthy habits all year round. If you haven’t been keeping up with your oral hygiene, then it is the perfect time to start. Instead of searching to figure out your New Year’s resolutions, consider one or more of the following that will help your teeth and boost your overall health.

Eat Healthy Foods

The first step to eating healthy foods is reducing your sugar intake. This will help reduce your risk of tooth decay and give your overall health a boost as well. Try easy swaps like sugar-free gum or sugar-free seltzer water as opposed to soda. Also, eat foods that help your teeth. Dairy and other items with calcium will strengthen your teeth. Fibrous foods help scrub plaque off your teeth and generate saliva to keep your mouth clean.

Quit Smoking

The simple act of smoking not only damages your lungs, but also doubles the risk of developing gum disease. Start the new year right by quitting smoking and your gums will thank you. As with eating better, you will notice an improvement in your overall health as well.

Floss Your Teeth

Brushing twice every day gets you well on your way to oral hygiene, but it isn’t enough. This won’t get rid of all the food from the mouth or remove plaque and buildup from the teeth. Help yourself remember to floss by putting your floss in an obvious spot, such as right next to your toothbrush or on top of your toothpaste. Consider keeping an extra at work or in your purse so you can floss there if necessary.

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments

A large number of Americans aren’t good at keeping up with their dental appointments and New Year’s is the perfect time to change that bad habit. You should be visiting thegeneral dentistry in Flagstaff at least twice a year. Remember that bleeding gums and sensitive teeth are both sure signs that you need to visit your periodontist. Make it easier to keep your commitment to visiting the dentist by scheduling your next appointment before you leave the dentist’s office.

Start the new year off by scheduling an appointment with Dr. DeAndrade at Anthem Periodontics.