Our Record Holding, Dental Implant Patient, Why you ask?

A 95 year old patient at our Periodontist office in Las Vegas received a dental implant
This Great Lady, 95 years old, is our oldest Las Vegas patient to receive dental implants!

After only a couple of minutes, our oldest patient to receive a dental implant was up and out of her massaging reclined dental chair. Her smile was from ear to ear and she could not stop praising Dr. DeAndrade for his great work. She could not believe that not only a dental implant was successfully placed but also a temporary crown from her restorative dentist was in place to. She was asking candidly if she could go out that night and enjoy the prime rib dinner special at her favorite Las Vegas casino!

After only a quick fifteen minute procedure with no complications the oldest patient to have ever come into Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants was the latest successful recipient of our dental implants. Dr. DeAndrade, who has placed tens of thousands dental implants was very satisfied with the results. He mentioned that her bone was like that of a forty year old and he was impressed how casually she handled the entire procedure. “Happy patients like her make our day, making someone that happy is why our team works so hard!” Dr. DeAndrade was quoted saying.