Pediatric Periodontics – Even Kids Can Get Gum Disease

If you thought gum disease is a condition only found in the elderly, you might be surprised to learn that it can actually show up at any age—even in children. The damaging bacteria that causes the infection has no preference on the age of the mouth and when the conditions are right for it to multiply gum disease occurs.


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We love to see children at Anthem Periodontics.

Failure to practice regular brushing and flossing will not only allow cavities to form; it creates ideal conditions for gum disease. That is why it is so important that parents make sure that their kids are taking care of their teeth properly or to brush and floss for them if they aren’t old enough to sufficiently do the task on their own.


Types of gum disease found in our younger patients include:

Chronic Gingivitis: The first stage of gum disease, chronic gingivitis appears as red puffy gums that bleed easily. It is highly treatable but will advance to a much more serious form if professional care is not sought for it.

Aggressive Periodontitis: Localized aggressive periodontitis is found in otherwise healthy teenage and young adult patients. Found mainly between the first molar and incisor, it presents with a significant loss of alveolar bone with little plaque build up.

Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis: When the hormone changes associated with puberty occur, many adolescents experience inflammation of gums and heavy plaque build up that can cause the teeth to become loose.


Pediatric gum disease is a very serious matter. Fortunately our Dr. Allen and Dr. DeAndrade have experience in treating patients of all ages. If you would like to make sure your kids have a healthy smile for the rest of their lives, schedule an appointment to assess their oral health. If problems are caught early, we can treat them before devastating damage to their mouth occurs.