What Is Periodontal Assisted Orthodontics?

Dr deandrade performs periodontal assisted orthodontics

If your teeth are crooked, our staff can help you figure out which teeth straightening options are right for you. When you don’t necessarily want to wait several years for braces to give you the desired results, we suggest Periodontal Assisted Orthodontics, sometimes called Wilkodontics or Pre-Orthodontic Periodontal Augmentation.

This is a quick version of orthodontics that uses structural changes of the bones around your teeth as well as moving the teeth. Braces and other traditional orthodontic treatment methods just apply to force to the teeth, which takes longer. Since pre-orthodontic periodontal augmentation also alters the bone, you will notice much faster results.

Periodontal Assisted Orthodontics is most commonly suggested for adults who don’t want to deal with the hassle of braces for an extended time. It can also work well for teens and other age groups who simply want to speed up the orthodontics process.

The preliminary treatment begins with Dr. DeAndrade performing a short periodontal surgery. This prepares your jawbone so it will move in the desired manner. During the procedure, our doctor removes some of the bone material so the teeth will be able to quickly reposition while your bone re-mineralizes. This is a quick surgery that we almost always perform on an outpatient basis. You will probably need seven to ten days for recovery.

In most cases, the orthodontist will place the braces on your teeth, just before the periodontal procedure.  After surgery, the orthodontist will now adjust your braces every other week, rather than every 4-6 weeks.

The majority of patients are candidates for Periodontal Assisted Orthodontics, but you should talk to Dr. DeAndrade about it to check whether this is an option for you. He will then give you information on how to prepare for the preliminary surgery at Anthem Periodontics and partner with your orthodontist to come up with a combined treatment plan for you!  If Periodontal Assisted Orthodontics sounds like something you’re interested in getting more information about, give us a call!  702-562-9024