Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM

For patients with severe gum recession, it used to be that their only hope of having their gums restored was an invasive procedure known as gum grafting. A flap was cut on the roof of their mouth and epithelial tissue was harvested. This tissue was then attached to the existing gum tissue with sutures and required a long recovery time. The Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM has eliminated the need for painful cutting and patients can have the procedure performed during their lunch hour and return to work immediately after.

dr deandrade performs the pinhole surgery
Pinhole technique at Anthem Periodontics

What makes the Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM different is the use of a specially designed instrument that makes a tiny puncture (hence the name pinhole) in the gum and then gently pulls the tissue back down to its proper position. Collagen strips are placed underneath the gum line to help the new gum tissue to remain in place and regenerate.

The procedure typically lasts from 60 to 90 minutes depending on how many teeth are done, and there is practically no recovery time. You can resume your normal activities as soon as you leave the office.

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, our board-certified periodontist has been trained and certified under Dr. Chao, the creator and patent holder for The Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM. If you have been putting off treatment for severe gum recession because of the discomfort and long recovery time that gum grafting surgery requires, you now have a new option. Dr. De Andrade is one of the only periodontists in the Las Vegas Valley currently certified to perform this revolutionary procedure and he looks forward to sharing more about it with you. Call to schedule an appointment today.