What Is The Pinhole Technique And How Does It Work?

The pinhole technique is a newer way of treating gum recession. It is minimally invasive, reducing the recovery time after treatment compared to gum grafting and other similar methods. This technique has been around for about a decade and is quickly growing in popularity due to its numerous benefits. You should not put off any treatment for gum recession as it exposes the root of your teeth, putting them at risk.

recedig gums can be treated at anthem periodontics
You don’t have to live with receding gums.

General Idea

Simply put, the pinhole technique involves poking a small hole in the gums with a needle. Your dental surgeon will then use special tools to enter the gum through this tiny hole and gently pull the gum tissue down to cover the receding gum line.

A Bit More Detail

The procedure begins by using a needle to create a small hole within the existing gum tissue. Then, your dentist inserts unique instruments that work to gently loosen up the tissue. This process allows the gum line to be expanded and let it slide up or down to cover the root structure of the teeth that is exposed. During the procedure, there aren’t any incisions or scalpels and your periodontist doesn’t have to make any grafts of tissue. Collagen strips may be inserted as well, which will stabilize the gum flap. At the same time, they also encourage the body to produce more collagen, which assists with the healing process.

Less Invasive

Compared to the traditional method of grafting gum tissue from another area of the mouth and placing it over the receding gum line, the pinhole technique is significantly less invasive. The lack of sutures and incisions means that the procedure is less painful for the patients. It also reduces the recovery time. Best of all, it has the same permanent results that you would get with gum grafting.

Before performing the pinhole technique to treat gum recession, Dr. DeAndrade will go over the procedure and recovery process with you in more detail. Although gum grafting is an option, most patients at Anthem Periodontics prefer to undergo the pinhole surgical technique because of its lessened discomfort and quicker healing time.

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