Preparation For The Pinhole Surgical Technique

The pinhole surgical technique is considered minimally invasive since there aren’t any incisions or sutures, but there is still some preparation required. Dr. DeAndrade will have to confirm that you are a candidate for the procedure and will make sure that you understand what the procedure involves and what you should do afterwards.

las vegas preparing for pinhole surgery

Encouraging Proper Home Care

Before doing the pinhole surgical technique or any other surgical treatment for gum recession, we will confirm that you can follow their instructions to reduce the risk of the recession occurring again in the future. If you are a heavy brusher, they will ask you to change your brushing habits. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, they may suggest a night guard. They will also go over basic oral hygiene techniques with you.

A Few Weeks Before

Prior to the pinhole surgery, Dr. DeAndrade will go over the procedure with you in more detail, including information about the process and recovery times. He will also take the time to show you before and after pictures and ensure that you have a realistic idea of what to expect from the procedure. About a week or so before the procedure, you will also have a dental cleaning. This will ensure that your teeth are perfectly clean before the gums are repositioned to prevent future problems. Gum tissue only successfully reattaches with natural root structures. You will also get a quick review of the aftercare procedures, which will be repeated the day of the surgery.

Checking Insurance

To prepare financially for the pinhole surgical procedure, we will also confirm whether you are covered by insurance. We will explain your financial obligations prior to the procedure to go over how much you can expect to have to pay for the surgery so there are no surprises.


If you think you might have gum recession and are interested in learning more about the pinhole technique, your first stop should be an infographic we have prepared explaining the difference between treatment options.
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