Presenting The All On Four To Dentists For Fully Edentulous Patients

Flyer from Anthem Periodontics announcing the seminar given by Dr. De Andrade covering the all on four full mouth implant procedure
Dr De Andrade Of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Gave a Presention To Las Vegas Area Dentists To Help Educate Them On The All On Four Procedure, An All Mouth Dental Implant Procedure.

A Seminar About Alternatives

Doctor De Andrade held an educational seminar on June 6th, 2013 to discuss his success with the all on four full mouth dental implant procedure he has been performing on fully edentulous patients. The all on four is a newer and rather unique technique used to give a person their entire set of teeth back in one day. Anthem Periodontics gave this seminar for any Las Vegas dentist that was interested in learning more about this procedure for the benefit of their patients. While Doctor De Andrade has years of experience with dental implants and complete restoration for patients having no teeth, the all on four procedure is relatively new and many dental professionals do not know that it is a viable alternative to such old practices as dentures. This seminar was attended by many and not only helped educate the attendees on the procedure but was noted to be a good time from all of those in attendance. If your dental office would like to be put on future notice of these regularly held educational seminars please contact our offices. We offer group seminars and individual office seminars for even more one on one education for doctor and staff.