Question 3: Is My Dental Implant Certified?

Statue of a dental implant found in office at our Summerlin office at 851 S Rampart BLVD Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89145
This Dental Implant statue represents the overall look of the implants we use.
The answer to this implant question should provide you with a detailed list of all the materials forged to develop the top quality dental implant, their origin and its method of delivery. It is these certifications that provide you with the proof you are using a top quality implant material, its geographic origin, and that it is being handled properly before placement. Both the material and method of delivery are important as it will let you know if your doctor is taking every step possible to ensure your implants success and longevity. Typically, each individual implant should be accompanied with a certification, showing all of the aforementioned details.

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants of Las Vegas, we adhere to ASTM International standards for titanium medical implant specifications. There are four grade levels of titanium composition and we only accept the highest level, Grade 4 Commercially Pure, for our implants. The precise list of elements is titanium, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, iron and oxygen.

Our manufacturer requires every titanium lot from their suppliers to be quarantined and examined in accordance with strict incoming inspection processes. The titanium is only released for manufacturing after passing all established standards and tests. After being released for production, each titanium lot is assigned a unique traceable number that allows for tracking during production, afterwards as it is delivered to their dental customers, and ultimately to the precise implant placed in your mouth.

Our manufacturer’s implant production is performed in a clean laboratory environment. Each finished implant is immediately placed into a solution, never being allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere. This will keep the metal from being exposed to oxygenation prior to actually being place in your mouth. It is very important the implant will remain in the solution until it is placed into your mouth. This is the highest quality method in our industry, providing an environment for the implant to have a more positive immediate fusing reaction with a patient’s bone structure. Our manufacturer provides a certification with every implant they produce for us. Ask for and expect your periodontist to be able to provide your implants specific certification.

This post is part of a 6 part blog series from Dr. De Andrade on asking the right questions about dental implants for not only patients but also referring dentists. For dentists, it is important they are sending their patients to some one they can trust to properly place the implant but also use the best possible implants for their patients. To read more about our questions and why they are important click here.