Questions about All on 4?

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Q:  From everything I have heard about All-on-4 dental implants, they seem like the perfect solution for me.  But I worry about the surgery and the recovery. Can you tell me more about those aspects of the treatment?

A:  Absolutely! Your concern about the surgery is understandable. You are right to inquire. Anytime you consider having surgery, you should always ask your doctor about the risks, and the recovery. The surgery for All-on-4 dental implants is minimally invasive, and has been clinically proven to be a well tolerated, with success rates in the high 90’s.

As for recovery, patients have little postoperative pain, and generally report only mild discomfort that subsides quickly.  For 6-8 weeks after the procedure, it is necessary “to go easy” on the implanted posts.  Meaning, altering or temporarily removing from your diet hard to eat items requiring higher levels of force to chew.  This gives the implanted posts time to bond with the jawbone.


Q:  I am getting the All-on-4 permanent dental implants, but I also need to have some teeth extracted.  Do I need to have that done first?

A:  No, you don’t need to have the tooth extractions done prior to the implant of the All-on-4 dental replacements.  Tooth extractions, can be completed during the dental implant surgery, as well as any bone shaping that might be needed.


Q:  I had a friend who had dental implants done, years ago.  She loves them, and knowing the issues that I’m having now with my teeth, she recommended that I consider having implants too.  But I’ve been afraid to ask.  I feel like I won’t be able to afford them.  Are they less expensive now, than they used to be?

A:   YES!  The technological improvements available today with the All-on-4 permanent replacement implants, have lowered the costs, and made the procedure more accessible to many more people suffering from the effects of tooth loss.  Check with your doctor to see the options available to you.  See if it fits into your budget.  The improved functionality, comfort and longevity achieved from choosing All-on-4 permanent dental implants compared to dentures is worth the look.


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