Reason To Ditch Your Dentures – Time

Having dentures amounts to a lifelong commitment. It’s about time. Each set of dentures is only a temporary solution for your tooth loss. They will need to be replaced, repeatedly, throughout your life. Whether due to loss, or theft (my dog ate my dentures) accidents, or the inevitable changes that occur inside your mouth, numerous sets of dentures will be required to provide you a reasonably comfortable replacement for your own teeth.
dentures take lots of  time, implants can help

There will be more appointments. Measurements of the inside of your mouth will be required, periodically. Casts will be made. Return trips for fittings will be needed. Oh, and there will be the waiting, waiting for the next appointment, waiting for the cast to be done, waiting for the next set to be ready, waiting for another appointment, another adjustment, another fitting.

All on 4 Dental Implants can be completed in one visit. They are a permanent solution. And with ordinary care such as flossing and brushing, dental implants will be with you forever, providing a much more comfortable and attractive replacement for your own teeth. It’s about time.

Dentures don’t allow you to eat everything you may wish to enjoy. So, you will spend more time reading restaurant menus, deciding what you can have, and what you cannot, more time physically chewing your food. Dentures do not provide the same power for chewing food that dental implants provide. Meals will take longer to finish, and will never be as enjoyable, considering the plastic in your mouth from the dentures alters the taste of your food.

It’s about time. Your permanent dental implants are “one and done”. Dentures need adhesives. You will need trips to the store to replace those adhesives. You will spend time taking them out of your mouth, and then putting them back, again, and again, and again, for a lifetime. It really is about time for dental implants.


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